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Children only need inspiration, it’s the teachers who need correction” Sadhguru.

We are a group of former and current teachers, united in our passion and goalto educate every parent importance of their roles in the shaping of theirchild’s life! This means that we are going to go to any length and extra mile to ensure that all of our knowledge and skills are transferred to all of our lovelyparents to ensure that every child has a beautiful childhood and are preparedto be the leaders of tomorrow!

The problem parents face today is that they are not psychologically prepared for the responsibilitie parenthood.  This is very difficult. Parenting didn’t alwayscome with instructions, but now it comes with simple guidelines.  We empowerfamilies by providing parenting education, support and guidance in a relaxed  environment.

Working parents have a totally different set of challenges- for one-the guilt, ”I can’t spend time with my child” which brings their work performance down.

constant thought is how to spend quality time in the little time they get so theycan build a bond, discipline, teach and have fun with their child !This is possible and we tell you how!

Why People Choose Us









  • We are a one stop center for any parent with children of any age group.

  • We help you with any challenges you face, questions you have, or support

    you need in your parenting journey.

  • The Purple Present is here to make mothers aware to fully utilize the limited

    time they get with their children wisely.

  • We help you to connect and build a relationship, communicate, and learn

    everything you need to about your child to make them leaders.

  • Ever wish that you could talk with someone about the job of raising your
  • Feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works?
  • Wish you had more skills at your fingertips to handle the challenges of parenting?
  • Does your child:  Argue over rules or requests several times each day?
  • Complain a large part of the time?
  • Struggle with homework?
  • Have trouble making friends ?
  • Talk back?
  • Cry or Scream when things do not go their way?
  • Hit or shout at family members or others when angry?

Do you

  • Debate or argue
    Get Frustrated
    Find yourself Scolding or punising
    Argue With Significant Problem behaviors
    Get calls from the school
    Worry about your child

our programs

Bespoke Action Plan

Children Grow up Fast Speed More time chrishing the wonderful memoreies you share!instead of Responsibility forGoals, This is a shout out to all parents of India’s future generation objectives or aspirations. each action. worrying about arguments,trantrums, and back talk,learn everyting you need to know to have a joyful parneting experience

Working Mom's plan

Here's chance they get with their children-so they the limited guality they feel they miss out on because they don't get time.it will help mothers cope with the guilt of not spending enough time with their children,and will eventually create an essential work life balance that will help improve the relationship between a mother and her child.

Bring out your child’s genius in 10 mins

Did you know that you can play a role in cultivating your child's inner-genius? with just 10 minutes a day, you can set your child a life time of success.Gift your child not only a chance to develop lifelong love of learning,creat irreplaceable bond of nourishment and growth between you your child.

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Nivedita Garg

  • Everyday Parenting-Yale University, USA 
  • Teacher of infant Siddha Progaram-Parenting course,Mumbai
  • Coach For teaching specially abled children through empowering ans accelerated learning, Banglore
  • Master Practitioner and empowering,Students,Parents and children,USA
  • Trainer for goal settings and accomplishing the goals for corporates using NLP
  • Masters in business Management from SP jain institute of management,Mumbai
  • Ba honors in economics and accounting & finance From
    University of Manchester, UK


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