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I am passionate about parenting being a joyous experience for both parents and children. It breaks my heart to hear parents worry and beat themselves up when they make mistakes, when they fight with their partners over parenting and when they think they are doing damage to their children ….. that’s why I teamed up with other Parenting coaches to create this special retreat for you. The parent retreat – For parents that want to be the best parent they can..

Does this sound like you?

 * You lose your temper at your children even though you love them so much.

 * you are baffled, confused, frustrated, stressed out, over worked, tired, and/or overwhelmed by your child(ren)’s behavior 


* You often wonder am I good enough to parent

* You want to know how to remain calm & teach your children when they do wrong

* You want your children to listen to you 

 Deep down, are you drowning in parenting and daily responsibilities, struggling to make it through the day and keep your sense of self intact? 

 What you are feeling is NORMAL but these feelings can really get in the way of a loving relationships with your partner and children.

 How would you feel if you knew you had the support and guidance to do more than simply survive parenting?

 Yes! So look no further for a soft place to land — the Mama’s time-out retreat has been created especially for you!All moms deserve a time-out, me time, ideally before their patience tanks run out. 

You deserve to be happy, mama!

 The Mama’s time-out 

Not just a relaxing break, not just an educational conference, not just a moms-only get away — it’s all three rolled into one. Space, time and new knowledge for you to seriously open up your parenting connection and your own happiness, with fun, relaxing activities. 

  • Mamas get very little time for themselves. ‘Me time. They’re always on alert and never seem to get a chance to relax.
  • Time for relaxation and respite is set aside during the Mama’s time-out ensuring that you’ll get time to yourself to relax and recharge.
  • You have to take care of yourself in order to do your best for family.
  •  Our speakers educate you on the importance of self-care and how to fit it in your busy life, and motivate and inspire you to take care of mama.
  •  you have the space to get clarity.
Raising a child comes with a lot of challenges which sometimes makes us feel alone. At the Retreat, you’ll meet dozens of mamas on a similar parenting journey, who ‘”get” what it’s like to raise a child with challenges. You’ll be part of our Mama Community. You will find the answers to your questions and walk away with the confidence to be the kind of parent you really want to be.

Imagine How You Will Feel When…

* You’re able to connect with your child at a deeper level, while inspiring them to choose responsible behavior… for themselves!
* You’re less stressed as a parent
* You actually enjoy time with your children and rediscover the joy in parenthood!
* You will Learn what is really happening in your family… Understand the dynamics, the real reasons for your relationship challenges and why it’s so hard to make everyone happy and get along!
* you move out of that negative reaction and into a place of harmony with yourself and family.
It’s never too late to start over with your parenting and relationships
You don’t have to give up on yourself. You also don’t have forever either… those little ones do grow up!
And we have the biggest role in their lives… the biggest responsibility to be there and bring all of ourselves to that relationship.
Learn how to bring your WHOLE SELF to your parenting WITHOUT the baggage of yesterday.
Claiming your spot on this parent’s retreat is easy! Though… be warned, we do limit the numbers to ensure every parent gets individual attention and support. Just head on over to our page and see when our next one is running.


  • Imagine your  as a mom when
  • you don’t need to scream at kids and yet things get done..
  • you can control any bad situation properly,
  • and yet your baby and you will be in a good mood..
  • kids listen to you without you repeating yourself 100 times!
  • the day goes smoothly, happily and in a relaxed manner..
  • You must be thinking it’s impossible !
  • But with the right ways and tools it is POSSIBLE
  • Tried and tested by over 500 happy parents !
  • This  Whatsapp Challenge by Nivedita Garg,
  • A Parenting coach, and mother on one beautiful angel,
  • will open a new perspective to parenting &
  • create a joyful experience,making life easier & happier
  • In just , you WILL notice a change!
  • Sign up on now

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